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Front of Mynatt 16' Pup Trailer shown with floating tongue.  Air and electrical connections are mounted on springs for convenience.Our standard trailers come in two configurations: drywall or foundation.  Both models feature:

16' Mynatt heavy duty flatbed

Front headboard - 48" ladder style

3" cross sills on 12" centers

3/16" tread plate flooring

Dual axles with ABS braking system

11R22.5 Radial tires

22.5X8.25 Hub pilot steel wheels

D.O.T. reflective tape

Pivoting tongue

L.E.D. Lighting package

Safety chains

Straps and ratchets on sliding track

The foundation model is slightly wider to accommodate the foundation forms.  Both models meet or exceed Federal D.O.T. requirements.

We can also custom design and fabricate a trailer for your specific needs.

16' Mynatt spread axle Pup Trailer painted safety orange. Ready for delivery to customer.

Mynatt Pup Trailers are built from the ground up to provide years of service with minimal maintenance.  When we designed our first trailer we knew we couldn't skimp on quality.

 We wanted a trailer we would be proud to have the Mynatt name on.  That's why our trailer design really hasn't changed much since our first one was built well over fifteen years ago.