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Meyer spreaders cover a wide range of products including compact, easy to maneuver broadcast spreaders that provide four-season performance.

Adding a spreader to your vehicle is a sound investment. The versatile line of insert hopper or tailgate spreaders by Meyer Products is the perfect choice with products that perfectly match any application.

From easy on/off mounting to wireless controllers, our dump truck line of spreaders adds functionality to your vehicle, while providing optimum performance.


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Insert Hopper

If you are looking for a heavy-duty broadcast spreader for all-season use, look no further. Meyer® Hotshots™ are compact, easy to maneuver and built to handle the extreme conditions of year-round use.

Hotshots are designed to apply a variety of materials including top-dress sand, rock salt, ice melt, limestone and fertilizer. Maximum spread range is from 12- to 18-feet, depending on the model. For spreading in confined areas, Hotshots are equipped with an easy-to-remove deflector shield that prevents the material from flying too far. And all three Hotshot models feature ice-gripping tread pattern tires for enhanced traction.

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Meyer® Blaster™ Spreaders have the most powerful spreader motor available. The Blaster’s unique ½ horsepower, direct-drive motor is rated at up to 70 amps of surge power to grind through those annoying chunks of salt or sand. And the direct-drive system applies the torque directly to the auger.

One-touch operation provides you total control over Blaster spreaders. The illuminated in-cab controller (patent pending) includes on/off switch, blast mode which provides an on-command 70 amp surge, and a vibrate mode. Regulate the spinner speed with the variable speed controller. Spinner stops automatically when brake is applied.

Originally designed for military use, the Blaster's 1/2 HP motor is the most powerful motor available today. The direct-drive system links the motor directly to the auger, creating up to 75% more auger power to easily grind through large chunks of material and provide an even material spread pattern.

Meyer Blaster™ Spreaders features a flexible application system to spread different materials for meeting changing conditions. Utilizing different augers and options you can get the spreader that’s right for you. Meyer Blaster Series Spreaders give you the ability to customize the configuration based on the type of material being spread. From auger options to vibrator kits, you can create the ultimate spreading machine.

With a generous 9.0 cubic foot capacity (700 lbs), the Meyer® Mate™ attaches conveniently to your vehicle in minutes without tools. It comes fully assembled for quick installation to your truck’s tailgate and bumper – with no drilling required. Various mounting choices are available including a swing-out option that moves the unit out of the way, allowing the owner to access the bed of the truck from the tailgate.

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Meyer offers a complete and diverse line of insert hopper spreaders that are as varied as the conditions you run into everyday. From bed lengths to numerous drive options, these are just a few choices available with our complete insert hopper spreader line.

The Meyer® Polyhawk™ is designed to be your spreader not only for this season, but for many to come. Featuring an unprecedented ten-year warranty on the virtually indestructible polyethylene hopper, Meyer dares you to compare the features of the Polyhawk to any other poly hopper spreader on the market. Meyer includes a standard wireless controller for your gas spreader. Simply load your spreader in the back of your truck and you are ready to spread. Our fully integrated wireless controller allows you to start and choke your engine as well as engage your drive system in a simple to use hand-held, wireless controller.

 Our versatile line of insert hopper spreaders fit most utility vehicles to 1-ton pick-up trucks and share many of the same time-saving, long-lasting features of our larger MDV series spreaders. Meyer PVs are available in 7 and 8 foot lengths and have 1.8 and 2.0 cubic yard capacities. Meyer’s PV operating system is fully controlled from the comfort of the cab.

With a Meyer® Medium Duty V-box Spreader (MDV), you’ll deliver quality ice control that separates the top dogs from the part-timers. For 15,000 + GVW vehicles, Meyer’s MDV is designed to give you increased material capacity and more versatility. Our no-tools-required swing up spinner easily swings up and out of the way for ease of storing the unit flat.

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