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Knuckle boom cranes can be used in industries that include construction, building supply, railroad, propane, oil and gas, utilities and municipalities, and mining.

The multiple points of articulation on a knuckle boom crane allows movement around obstacles previously unimagined and provides a more versatile load handling solution than the traditional products offered in the market today.

Green initiatives

Features & benefits

Market applications

Palfinger is proud to be an industry leader in green initiatives in their knuckle boom product line.  Palfinger achieves this with the following innovations:


 ►Extensive use of high tensile steel

 ►Maintenance-free boom systems

 ►Load sense hydraulic systems

 ►KTL painting process

• Palfinger knuckleboom cranes are light-weight resulting in increased payload and reduced fuel consumption.

• Functional designs make service and maintenance easier.

• Maintenance-free boom extension system considerably reduces maintenance times.

• PALTRONIC overload protection system is the most robust system on the market.

• Best in class: Total Cost of Ownership offers the longest lasting crane with the highest resale value on the market.

Knuckle boom cranes are well suited for the following industries:


Building Supply





Oil & Gas

Monument placement