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Whether your work is related to  railroad, tree service, logging or recycling we have a model that will fit your requirements. Depending on your industry the recommendation could vary.

We have categorized them into four groupings based upon industry.

Palfinger Epsilon


Offering a wide variety of models to choose from, the Epsilon line of loaders brings new versatility, innovation and most importantly speed to the industries it serves. Starting at a minimum outreach of 23' 4" and extending out to 35' 1" with capacities from 7,460 pounds at 10' to 13,000 pounds at 10' there's a model for every need. Coupled with the Epsilon line of grapples you can stow the Epsilon loader without removing the grapple.

Standard equipment on all Epsilon loaders is a double rack slewing system.  The slewing system is suspended in an oil bath with two solid round racks, sectionalized pistons, and end stroke suppression on all slewing cylinders. Also standard are tiltable stabilizers which are automatic and tilt up to 45º and lock into transport position.  Throw in four halogen work lights and your work day doesn't have to end when the sun goes down.

The most important innovation is the internal routing of hoses within the boom sections.  Complete protection while still providing ease of maintenance.  Impressive indeed.

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The new Prentice 2124 has a light-weight, yet strong A-frame design based on a clean, simple pedestal fabricated from high strength steel. The smooth reliable hydraulic system, superior lift capacity and excellent controllability make it the ideal self-loader for the pulpwood and short log markets. Features include:

PLATFORM  –  Operator’s platform features large adjustable operator’s seat with padded armrests. Joystick control valves designed to provide smooth and consistent loader control. Access ladders and hand grabs are positioned for maintaining “three point” contact. Swing system provides quick, smooth and controlled response to joystick commands.

HYDRAULIC – The 3200 PSI hydraulic system maximizes lift capacity and improves controllability of the loader during multi-function operations. Redesigned continuous rotation assembly improves hose routings and ease of maintenance. A 5-circuit hydraulic swivel is standard.

ELECTRICAL – An 8-circuit electrical collector standard for providing electrical power and setting stabilizers. Work light packages for stick boom and operator’s platform are optional. Optional 25’  (7.62 m) Teleboom features thumb-switch proportional control.

STRUCTURAL — A-Frame pedestal is formed of high strength steel to maximize strength and minimize weight.

BOOM STRUCTURE – Castings at main boom base, midpoint and stick end minimize weight and maximize strength.


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