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Boom trucks are very expensive, and the price of a new boom truck package just keeps escalating.

Let Mynatt Truck & Equipment Co. recondition your existing unit for approximately one-sixth of the cost of a new unit. The final price will vary depending on the condition of your equipment.  Any make or model can be reconditioned.

Crane stem prior to reconditioning.Crane stem after reconditioningCrane base before reconditioningIf your crane isn't running like it did when it was new or if your crane wobbles from side to side while operating, then you need our reconditioning services today.

Working with a local machine shop we can remove the deep gouging and grooves that have developed in your crane column and base.

Remachining the parts puts the crane back within the tolerances specified by the manufacturer. This removes the looseness and wobbling you feel when operating your crane.

Crane base after reconditioningWe will provide you an estimate based upon our initial examination of your unit. While disassembling your unit we will immediately inform you of any hidden damage or extreme wear that would cause our estimate to change.